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Reference Desk:


      News Photos:

  1. AP Top Stories Photos
  2. AFP Top Photos
  3. BBC: Today in Pictures
  4. DefenseLink News Photos
  5. Reuters News
  6. Washington Post: Day in Photos

      Image Collections:

  1. Eastman Photography Collection Online - Resource for the photography holdings of George Eastman House.
  2. FreeFoto.com - Offers digital images to view and download at no cost to non-commercial users.
  3. Getty Images - "Find high resolution royalty-free images, editorial stock photos, vector art, video footage clips and stock music licensing at the richest image search photo library online."
  4. Library of Congress: American Memory Collection - Rich collection of documents, photographs, recordings, and more devoted to American history and culture.
  5. National Geographic Vision of Earth - Each month, National Geographic magazine features breathtaking photographs in Visions of Earth. Browse through visions of the world as seen through a photographer's eye.
  6. Time and Life Pictures - Offers images from photojournalists, documenting past and present political and cultural events, as well as celebrities and the American experience.
  7. Time Pictures of the Week - Archived since 2001, includes several photo montages of what's in the news.
  8. Yahoo! Picture Gallery - Search for images on the World Wide Web.

      Satellite Images:

  1. Cities Collection - a collection of outstanding astronaut photography of cities taken during spaceflight.
  2. Earth As Art - Landsat-7 art gallery featuring images taken from high above the planet that were selected on the basis of aesthetic appeal.
  3. Google Earth - Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.
  4. TerraFly - Interactive site for flying over remote sensed imagery from different regions of the world.
  5. TerraServer.com - Repository of aerial photographs and satellite images taken from miles overhead that you can view online or purchase. Features digitized aerial photos of the United States.

      Image Search Engines:

  1. AlltheWeb Image Search - Search for images on the World Wide Web.
  2. Alta Vista Image Search - Search for artwork, photographs, or images.
  3. Google Image Search - Search for images on the World Wide Web.
  4. PicSearch - Family friendly picture search.

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Updated: March 10, 2014
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