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October 2004

   This site presents more than 120,000 quotations by over 11,000 authors. Features include 'Top Quotations' and 'New Quotations.'
10/02/04      Military Casualty Information
   This Department of Defense site lists United States war casualties from the Revolutionary War up through the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also lists all active military deaths from 1980 through 2002. The data for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom includes the names of those killed as well as other personal information.
10/03/04      Aging Parents and Elder Care
   Providing care for our aging parents or elder spouse can often be very frustrating, with new surprises almost every day. Whether you care for aging parents in your home, or manage elder care plans from a distance, most of us don't know where to go for reliable answers ... or even what questions to ask. This site provides resources for Aging Parents and Elder Care.
10/04/04      U.S. Library of Medicine
   This is the home page of the comprehensive U.S. National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. (Note: This site cannot respond to questions about individual medical cases, provide second opinions or make specific recommendations regarding therapy. Those issues should be addressed directly with your healthcare provider.)
10/05/04      2004 Election Issues Explained
   Those U.S. citizens who choose to cast their vote for president will head to the polls on November 2. In preparation for the 2004 U.S. presidential election, HowStuffWorks has compiled information for some of the top issues facing Americans. In this feature, you find overviews, statistics, positions and voting records for the three top runners: President George W. Bush, John Kerry, and Ralph Nader.
10/06/04      Influenza (Flu)
   The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. The best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu vaccine each fall. This Flu Fact Sheet is from the National Center for Infectious Diseases of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
10/07/04      State and Local Government on the Net
   This site provides a convenient one-stop access to the websites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments. Only pages that are controlled and managed by state and local government agencies are included.
10/08/04      Bartleby: Reference Resources combines the best of both contemporary and classic reference works into the most comprehensive public reference library ever published on the web.
   Welcome to, the source for airplane seat information. Do you have a long flight coming up and want a quiet seat? Could you really use some extra legroom? Do you keep getting stuck in a seat that doesn't recline? Have you paid extra for Business Class and want the best seat? To find the best airline seats in First Class, Business Class or Coach, select the airline and aircraft you're flying using the menu provided.
10/10/04      History of the American West
   Over 30,000 photographs, drawn from the holdings of the Western History and Genealogy Department at Denver Public Library, illuminate many aspects of the history of the American West. Most of the photographs were taken between 1860 and 1920. They illustrate Colorado towns and landscape, document the place of mining in the history of Colorado and the West, and show the lives of Native Americans from more than forty tribes living west of the Mississippi River. Also included are World War II photographs of the 10th Mountain Division, ski troops based in Colorado who saw action in Italy.
10/11/04      Columbus Day
   A sailor on board the Pinta sighted land early in the morning of October 12, 1492, and a new era of European exploration and expansion began. The next day, the 90 crew members of Christopher Columbus's three-ship fleet ventured onto the Bahamian island of GuanahanĖ, ending a voyage begun nearly ten weeks earlier in Palos, Spain. This Library of Congress 'Today in History' site provides background information on Columbus Day.
10/12/04      How the Electoral College Works
   How is it that a candidate could win more votes overall and yet not be elected? What would happen if there were a tie in the Electoral College? Who then would elect the president? You will find out about the past elections that weren't decided on Election Day but weeks later, when the Electoral College met, and some that weren't decided until months later. In this HowStuffWorks feature, you'll also learn about the strange election of the first son of a former president to win the presidency.
10/13/04      Polling 101: The Basics of Public Opinion Research
   This tutorial is intended to offer a simplified glimpse into some of the fundamentals of public opinion polling. Designed for the novice, the site provides definitions, examples, and explanations that serve to introduce interested students to the field of public opinion research.
Polls & Surveys: Gallup / Harris / Mason-Dixon / Pew
10/14/04      Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States
   The Public Papers of the Presidents, which is compiled and published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration, began in 1957 in response to a recommendation of the National Historical Publications Commission. Noting the lack of uniform compilations of messages and papers of the Presidents before this time, the Commission recommended the establishment of an official series in which Presidential writings, addresses, and remarks of a public nature could be made available.
10/15/04      Conflict Map
   In the course of the 20th century, mankind experienced some of the most devastating wars of all times. Where did these wars take place? Have some regions experienced more wars than others? Who were the main protagonists in these conflicts? This site gives you the opportunity to answer these questions. It displays wars with at least 1,000 military battle deaths.
10/16/04      Guide to Law Online
   The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the U.S. Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.
10/17/04      Yahoo Search Shortcuts
   Yahoo! Search Shortcuts are special features designed to help you to find answers quickly. Click the title of a specific feature to learn more about it.
10/18/04      Human Body and Mind
   This BBC site in their Science and Nature series, features resources on the human body and mind with topics ranging from organs and muscles to psychological tests and mental disorders.
10/19/04      The Harvard Classics
   The most comprehensive and well-researched anthology of all time comprises both the 50-volume '5-foot shelf of books' and the 20-volume Shelf of Fiction. Together they cover every major literary figure, philosopher, religion, folklore and historical subject through the twentieth century.
 Bonus Site:   Electoral College Explainer
      The president and vice president are elected by 538 Electoral College voters, one per senator and representative from each state, who usually cast a ballot for the candidate who wins the popular vote. In addition, the District of Columbia has three votes. A candidate must receive a majority of 270 votes to win the election. Related site: How Electoral College Works.
10/20/04      Best of Photojournalism 2004
   Designed by photojournalists for photojournalists, Best of Photojournalism annually attracts tens of thousands of entries from photojournalists, photo editors and web editors from leading media around the world. This site presents 2004 winners in four categories: Still, Web Site, Editing, and TV. Archive of past winners also available.
10/21/04      America Votes 2004
   CNN online presents a special page which reports on the news and information of the 2004 Presidential election. Who has the money? Who has the momentum? Can John Kerry defeat an incumbent President? Will George W. Bush's enormous campaign "war chest" and personal charm carry the election? If Kerry wins, will he provide "coat-tails" for other Democrat candidates to be elected to the House and Senate? Will Ralph Nader again siphon votes away from the Democrats?
10/22/04      2003 State and County Population Maps
   The U.S. Census Bureau presents graphical maps and tables based on the 2003 state and county population estimates. Related site: U.S. and World Population Clocks.
10/23/04      Web Guide to U.S. Supreme Court Research
   This site provides a selection of annotated links to the most reliable, substantive sites for U.S. Supreme Court research. The sites mentioned here focus predominantly on information that is freely, or inexpensively, available on the Internet.
10/24/04      The Aaron Copland Collection
   The inaugural online presentation of the Aaron Copland Collection at the Library of Congress celebrates the centennial of the birth of the American composer Aaron Copland (1900-1990). The multiformat Aaron Copland Collection from which the online collection derives spans the years 1910 to 1990 and includes approximately 400,000 items documenting the multifaceted life of an extraordinary person who was composer, performer, teacher, writer, conductor, commentator, and administrator.
10/25/04      11 Most Endangered Places
   Since 1988, the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list has been one of the most effective tools in the fight to save America's irreplaceable architectural, cultural, and natural heritage. The list has now brought national attention to more than 140 significant buildings, sites and landscapes. At times, that attention has galvanized public support to rescue a treasured landmark, while in others, it has been an opening salvo in a long battle to save an important piece of our history.
10/26/04      How the Swing States Work
   Political strategy in an election year gives war-time strategy a run for its money. The rules, calculations and assumptions that determine a candidate's campaign path center on the core of the battlefield: the swing states. Learn all about this year's election battleground and how a state is designated a swinger. Related site: Electoral Vote Predictor 2004.
10/27/04      Inside Red-and-blue America: A look At America's Polarized Electorate
   This five-part Christian Science Monitor series looks into the issues that highlight the nation's polarization, profiles 'red,' 'blue,' and 'purple' states and examines how the media reflects the growing divide among Americans. Related sites: The Choice 2004 / The 2004 Political Landscape / 2004 Election Issues Explained / Divided Nation / Electoral College Calculus.
10/28/04 is your gateway to government loan information. It directs you to the loan information that best meets your needs. Five federal agencies - U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Small Business Administration - have come together to create this single point of access for federal loan information on the Web.
10/29/04      Your Guide to the Religions of the World
   This BBC site provides basic information about Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism.
10/30/04      The Health Consequences of Smoking: A Report of the Surgeon General
   This May 2004 report from U.S. Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona on smoking and health, reveals for the first time that smoking causes diseases in nearly every organ of the body. ... [It] finds that cigarette smoking is conclusively linked to diseases such as leukemia, cataracts, pneumonia and cancers of the cervix, kidney, pancreas and stomach.
10/31/04      Space Environment Center
   This National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration site, the official source of space weather alerts, warnings, and forecasts, provides current information on geomagnetic storms, solar winds, solar flares, and aurora activity.

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