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July 2004

7/01/04      Mission to Saturn
   After nearly seven years of space travel, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft will arrive at Saturn on June 30. In a maneuver called orbit insertion, Cassini will slow itself down to enter into orbit around the ringed planet. NASA TV will cover JPL mission control as it communicates with the spacecraft during this critical phase of the mission. This is the offical NASA home page for the Cassini Saturn Project.
7/02/04      PC Magazine: Top Web Sites
   PC Magazine presents its choices for the 'Top 100 Sites You Didn't Know You Couldn't Live Without' in 12 categories. As of April 2004.
7/03/04      Declaration of Independence
   Drafted by Thomas Jefferson between June 11 and June 28, 1776, the Declaration of Independence is at once the nation's most cherished symbol of liberty and Jefferson's most enduring monument.
7/04/04      Celebrating Independence Day in the United States
   Celebrating Independence Day in the United States
7/05/04      Where to Write for Vital Records
   The links on this National Center for Health Statistics site provide you with direct access to individual State and territory information. To use this valuable tool, you must first determine the State or area where the birth, death, marriage, or divorce occurred, then click on that State or area.
7/06/04      Cyber Times Navigator
   Navigator is the home page used by the newsroom of The New York Times for forays into the Web. Its primary intent is to give reporters and editors new to the Web a solid starting point for a wide range of journalistic functions without forcing all of them to spend time wandering around blindly to find a useful set of links of their own. Its secondary purpose is to show people that there's still a lot of fun and useful stuff going on out there. (Free registration required).
7/07/04      A Map of Languages in the United States
   The site is intended for use by students, teachers, and anyone interested in learning about the linguistic and cultural composition of the United States. The resource uses data from the 2000 United States census to display the locations and numbers of speakers of thirty languages and seven groups of less commonly spoken languages in the United States. The Language Map illustrates the concentration of language speakers in zip codes and counties. The Data Center provides actual numbers and percentages of speakers.
7/08/04      Time Life Pictures
   Time Life Pictures is an unparalleled collection of striking imagery, documenting past and present events in politics, culture, celebrities and the arts. The collection includes some of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, such as Alfred Eisenstaedt, Margaret Bourke-White, Andreas Feininger, John Dominis, Nina Leen and Gjon Mili, whose photographs have adorned the pages of Time, Life and other Time Inc. publications. Collection contains more than 425,000 digital files. You may license and download images immediately. A glossary of terms pertaining to photographic images is also available.
7/09/04      Today in Literature
   Today in Literature features a new original biographical story each calendar day about the great writers, books, and events in literary history.
7/10/04      Rough Science
   A deserted island. Five scientists. Knowledge, ingenuity and resourcefulness their only assets. Watch what happens on this companion site to the PBS special 'Rough Science.'
7/11/04      Google Deskbar
   Google Deskbar enables you to search with Google from any application without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. Installs easily in your Windows taskbar. Features include doing a search using Google, even when your browser isn't running and ability to preview search results in a small inset window that closes automatically.
7/12/04      Links to the Past
   Explore America's cultural resources - buildings, landscapes, archeological sites, ethnographic resources, objects and documents, structures and districts. This site by the National Park Service provides links containing information about people from the past and establish important connections to the present. They also provide evidence about important historical trends and events, reflect people's everyday lives and significant accomplishments and illustrate distinctive architectural, landscape, and engineering designs.
7/13/04      Top Ten Satellite Images for 2003
   Space Imaging, the world's leading provider of Earth imagery and related services to commercial and government markets introduces its top 10 images from the IKONOS satellite taken during 2003. The images featured here include Baghdad, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom; a 17th-century fortress in Bourtange, Netherlands; El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, Calif.; the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center; Lake Arrowhead during the devastating 2003 California fires; Mount St. Helens, Wash.; the Vatican City, featuring St. Peter's Basilica and Square; the Taj Mahal in India; Akkeshi Lake Resort in eastern Hokkaido, Japan; and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, South Africa, one of the 'Seven Natural Wonders of the World.'
7/14/04      Air Quality Index: AIRNow
   The Air Quality Index tells you how clean the air is and whether it will affect your health. EPA, state, and local agencies work together to report current and forecast conditions for ozone and particle pollution. AIRNow forecasts next-day air quality.
7/15/04      Our Documents
   We invite all Americans to participate in a series of events and programs to get us thinking, talking and teaching about the rights and responsibilities of citizens in our democracy. At the heart of this initiative are 100 milestone documents of American history. These documents reflect our diversity and our unity, our past and our future, and mostly our commitment as a nation to continue to strive to 'form a more perfect union.' We want everyone - students, teachers, parents, and the general public - to read these milestone documents, consider their meaning, discuss them, and decide which are the most significant and why. This initiative creates a number of ways to do that - through classroom activities and competitions, and votes.
7/16/04      The American Heritage Book of English Usage
   A Practical and Authoritative Guide to Contemporary English. With a detailed look at grammar, style, diction, word formation, gender, social groups and scientific forms, this valuable reference work is ideal for students, writers, academicians and anybody concerned about proper writing style.
7/17/04      How Everyday Things Are Made
   If you've ever wondered how things are made - products like candy, cars, airplanes, or bottles - or if you've been interested in manufacturing processes, like forging, casting, or injection molding, then you've come to the right place. Stanford's Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing has developed an introductory website showing how various items are made. It covers over 40 different products and manufacturing processes, and includes almost 4 hours of manufacturing video. It is targeted towards non-engineers and engineers alike. Think of it as your own private online factory tour, or a virtual factory tour, if you wish.
7/18/04      Secrets, Lies, and Atomic Spies
   Companion to a PBS NOVA program that chronicles the lives and covert activities of the so-called 'atom spies' in the 1940's. Features information about translations of Soviet cables decrypted back in the 1940s by the Venona Project, the U.S. government's effort to intercept messages from Soviet military intelligence.
7/19/04      Free Automated Digital Photo Organizer
   Picasa is free software from Google that provides everything you need to enjoy your digital photos including: Auto-transfer photos from your digital camera; Organize and find pictures in seconds; Edit, print, and share photos with ease; Create slideshows, order prints and more! The download itself contains only the Picasa software. Picasa will not uninstall other programs or add any non-Picasa programs or files to your computer.
7/20/04      Interactive Health Tutorials
   The tutorials listed on this U.S. National Library of Medicine are interactive health education resources from the Patient Education Institute. Using animated graphics each tutorial explains a procedure or condition in easy-to-read language. You can also listen to the tutorial. NOTE: These tutorials require a special Flash plug-in, version 4 or above. If you do not have Flash, you will be prompted to obtain a free download of the software before you start the tutorial.
7/21/04      Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2004-05 Edition
   The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source by the U.S. Department of Labor of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. Revised every two years, the Handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations.
7/22/04      BBC: Audio Interviews
   Listen online to audio segments from BBC Radio interviews. Browse by subject or use an A-Z list. A wide and diverse range of interviews are available including: a 1976 interview with Ansel Adams; a 1963 interview with William S. Burroughs; a 1961 interview with Aaron Copland; a 1984 interview with the Dali Lama; a 1962 interview with Salvador Dali; a 1937 interview with George Bernard Shaw, and a 1981 interview with Andy Warhol.
7/23/04      New Images from the Spitzer Space Telescope
   A new window to the universe has opened with today's release of the first dazzling images from NASA's newly named Spitzer Space Telescope, formerly known as the Space Infrared Telescope Facility.
  Bonus Site:   9/11 Commission Executive Summary and Full Report
      The Commission's Final Report provides a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11th, 2001, terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks. It also includes recommendations designed to guard against future attacks. (NOTE: PDF Reader required to read document.)
7/24/04      Harvest of Fear
   The companion site to Nova/Frontline special 'Harvest of Fear' explores the intensifying debate over genetically-modified food crops. Interviewing scientists, farmers, biotech and food industry representatives, governement regulators, and critics of biotechnology, this report presents both sides of the debate, exploring the risks and benefits, the hopes and fears, of this new technology.
7/25/04      HistoryWired: A few of our favorite things
   Welcome to the Smithsonian Institution's HistoryWired: A few of our favorite things. This experimental site introduces visitors to some of the three million objects held by the National Museum of American History, Behring Center.
7/26/04      Eiffel Tower Official Site
   The official Eiffel Tower website contains over 500 pages, 1,000 illustrations, 360 degree views and 3-D virtual visits, videos of the millennium sparkling lights and fireworks display, documentation, games and more.
  Bonus Site:   Facts for Features: Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act
      On this day in 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act, guaranteeing equal opportunity for people with disabilities in public accommodations, commercial facilities, employment, transportation, state and local government services and telecommunications.
7/27/04      First-Aid Guide
   Medical emergencies don't occur every day. But when they do, you should have the information you need to deal with these situations. This site by Mayo Clinic provides first-aid information from Animal Bites through Toothache.
7/28/04      100 Most Often Misspelled Words
   Here are the 100 words most often misspelled ('misspell' is one of them) as presented by Each word has a mnemonic pill with it and, if you swallow it, it will help you to remember how to spell the word. Master the orthography of the words on this page and reduce the time you spend searching dictionaries by 50%.
7/29/04      How Private Is My Medical Information?
   Many people consider information about their health to be highly sensitive, deserving of the strongest protection under the law. Long-standing laws in many states and the age-old tradition of doctor-patient privilege have been the mainstay of privacy protection for decades. Now, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets a national standard for privacy of health information, effective April 14, 2003. This guide provides information on medical records not covered by the HIPAA Privacy Rule.
7/30/04      Dream Anatomy
   National Library of Medicine exhibit showing off the anatomical imagination in some of its most astonishing incarnations, from 1500 to the present.
7/31/04      How Chocolate Works
   Chocolate is a favorite for kids and adults alike. Chocolate bars, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate cereal, hot chocolate, chocolate sauce... There is something special about this substance -- so special that the average person in the United States eats 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of chocolate every year! Have you ever wondered where chocolate comes from? This edition of HowStuffWorks helps you understand exactly what you're eating.

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