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Comments and Testimonials Archive: 2006 / 2005 / 2004 / 2003 / 2002 / 2001

  • 12/19/01 - "Congrats on getting the "Best Internet Directory" award from Yahoo! Well deserved! I recommend your site to my Internet class as the "Best resource on the 'Net!" I am a reference librarian and it is set as my home page." - C.P.

  • 12/17/01 - "A friend recently pointed me to your site and I have enjoyed it for the last few days. Apparently you spend a good deal of time keeping it current - as I have yet to find a link that did not work. If I continue to find the site useful - I will make a contribution toward maintaining it. Congratulations on a fine service for all." - D.R.

  • 12/5/01 - "I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for a great website. RefDesk has been my startup page for more than a year both at home and the office. If folks can't find what they are looking for from your page, then I sure don't know what they are looking for." - D.R.

  • 11/17/01 - "Just a short note to say how much my wife and I enjoy using your refdesk. It is our home page now and we try to get our friends to use it as theirs also. Refdesk is like a universal library in the home. Whether it's a mundane need like a zip code or an introduction to a new and fascinating subject, Refdesk is the way. We know it is no easy task to keep this 'child' of yours going, but we want you to know that there are people out there in cyber space who appreciate the work that it takes to keep that great web site of yours operating." - T.K.

  • 10/1/01 - "I just wanted to thank you for the effort you made, after the WTC tragedy, in posting relevant sites regarding issues from both a current events and historical viewpoint. They were invaluable on such short notice. Your efforts are most appreciated. I think you are doing a splendid job otherwise as well. Thanks for your professionalism." - C.L.

  • 9/29/01 - "Refdesk has been my home page for quite awhile now, and while you generally do an excellent job with the site, I wanted to say thanks especially for providing such good information and links over the past couple of weeks. It's much appreciated." - A.M.

  • 9/23/01 - "Just wanted to let you know that your service is exceptional. I'm a social studies teacher and your daily references have helped me and my students immensely. Thanks again, and keep up your great search for excellence." - J.P.

  • 9/23/01 - "I've utilized this site for several years. It is without a doubt the most complete and comprehensive information source on the web. This is the smartest $10 investment a person could make. Thanks and keep up the great work!" - E.B.

  • 9/21/01 - "Spent some time reading the latest issue of Yahoo. They had a wonderful article in which they toted your as the best information site on the web. I have been using your site as my informational site for quite a while and have told everyone I know to check it out. Originally found your site through Mr. Modem, who writes books and also has a web site and your site was listed there. Thanks for all of your work." - D.B.

  • 9/14/01 - "Thanks for putting together this website, I use it daily. I recommend it to friends. Tuesday, the 11th, it was particularly helpful in providing an overview of the terrorist situation. Some news sites were swamped and not repsonding, but yours was always there and keeping up with the events. Job very well done. Thanks for the service. " - M.H.

  • 9/13/01 - "Thank you for creating and maintaining such an incredible website. I am the computer tech at an elementary school. We've made refdesk our top research site in the lab and all of the teachers have it as their home page. I've printed it out in poster format, laminated and hung it on the wall outside my lab so parents can see it. (It's HUGE in poster format!)
    The main reason I'm writing is to tell you what a good thing you're doing in providing the links to the emergency sites after the NY/Pentagon attacks. We're far away from the attacks, being in Nevada, but all of us are reassured when we know there is someone out there who might have answers. You're site is providing both a helping hand and comfort, both by listing those links, but also by being a familiar and stable Internet home base. " - N.S.

  • 9/8/01 - "I believe your site is the most righteous creation of all the sites I've visited in the last five years. thank you for all the work and constant updating. It must be an awesome task. is my start up page." - R.A.

  • 8/24/01 - "Yours has to be the best on the net. Nothing compares even close and I have explored thousands. Your site alone is all anyone needs to find almost anything of worthwhile interest. Kudos on an incredible piece of work." - Y.

  • 8/19/01 - "Ever since I found your site I have used it on a regular basis and have recommended it to a number of friends. Thank you very much for providing such a well-rounded, useful and non-frivolous site. If I can't find what I'm looking for by starting at I probably don't need to know it!" - L.M.

  • 8/14/01 - "Just a quick note to let you know that this is THE most helpful site I have found on the Internet. Some sites are good for what they give you but are limited in other capacities. Because you are able to point to a number of different sites and resources, this continue to be, day by day, my home site. Keep up the good work! I also enjoy the site of the day feature. I learn something each time I visit, every day's a school day when I come to your site." - D.P.

  • 7/31/01 - "Your website is, to use the current word, awesome!!! Enough learning here for a lifetime. Thank you for this tremendous service to the people!" - R.F.

  • 6/21/01 - "Your committment to providing and indexing quality sites is admirable. We have witnessed corporate greed working to ruin something once thought to be untouchable. Good luck to you, the best and most worthwhile site on the internet. Here's hoping your site stays free to all browsers regardless of level of income and education." - R.C.

  • 6/14/01 - " is a truly outstanding piece of work - a significant step toward reaching the potential of the Internet." - R.S.

  • 6/6/01 - "I just wanted you to know that I love your site... when looking for information now you are my first stop. Thank you for the wonderful job you do, you have made my life so much easier. I heard about your site in the Attachˇ Magazine on a US Air flight and I gave it a try and I can't believe how great it is.... Thank you, thank you, thank you." - M.T.

  • 6/5/01 - "Kudos to you and the team for producing the most outstanding site on the web. I don't know how I'd survive without it." - K.J.

  • 5/22/01 - "I just recently discovered that the website I thought I was going to have to 'invent' some day already exists. I can't figure out for the life of me how you make any money at this, but I love your website. Thanks for your content driven approach. It appeals greatly to my sense of order, and satisfies that vague feeling I get while surfing that 'it must be out there somewhere, if I could just figure out where.' I'm deleting all my bookmarks and have already changed my home page." - D.D.

  • 5/9/01 - "Your Web Site is absolutely the best that I have ever been to for finding out information about anything, I find something new everyday, I have made it my start up page and spend at least an hour looking up different things. I am by no means an experienced computer user but have found that using the links on your site more helpful in 10 minutes than the last 3 years I have been using the Web." - D.G.

  • 5/6/01 - "I'm a big fan of C-Span's Brian Lamb's morning program. Fortunately for me, I happened to be watching recently when Matt was on and you called in to the program. You provided us with your refdesk URL, and the best kept secret was unleashed. I've never been more impressed with a web site than refdesk.I have forwarded it to all of my email friends, and have received many favorable 'thank yous', especially from those that have children in school and need to research. I have to agree with Colin Powell; you don't need anything other than refdesk to keep up with current events when you reference this website. Thanks again for developing a great website." - J.M.

  • 5/6/01 - "I just wanted to tell you how much I love this website. I have made it my home page and use it frequently. It has links to everything! Thanks for creating a page where I can go to find all those obscure websites you would never find any other way." - A.B.

  • 4/3/01 - "I am so glad I read about your web site in the San Diego Union's ComputerLink, I will make it my home page. Your site is what the internet is all about, information! You have the Super Hiway of the Internet. Thank you." - A.F.

  • 4/2/01 - "I discovered some time ago but it was only today, with spare time on my hands, that I looked into the basic page and found your name and photograph. It was delightful to "meet" you. I enjoy so much that it is my home page and it is a constant source of thrills at finding interesting pieces of knowledge. Thanks for your creativity - it's a wonderful contribution to cyberspace." - K.E.

  • 4/1/01 - "I was informed of your site by a friend and have since installed it as my homepage. Your site is as good as it gets..... Bravo to all." - D.B.

  • 3/31/01 - "Add me to your list of satisfied internet folks. Refdesk is my homepage and I wouldn't switch for anything. Comprehensive, serious, a little whimsy: it's all there and at my fingertips." - M.S.

  • 3/27/01 - "I read about your site in the Washington Post March 26, 2001 issue and decided to check it out. It is indeed a treasure trove. Easy to navigate and with boundless information. I am sure you are aware of the quality of your site.But I just wanted to add a voice. You beat them all, including Yahoo!" - K.E.

  • 3/24/01 - "I don't know who "Us" is in the "Contact Us" section, but I have to write and thank you profusely for the single most interesting site on the WWW. My aunt by marriage sent this site to me and it is now my home page. Who in the world could ever need anything else? I had been considering going with AOL because of similar (but much less in number) sites, etc., but this site is unbelievable! Thank you so much for your meticulous work that has been done. I have sent this site on to many people and will continue to do so. You have done a great service and have provided hours and hours of entertainment for me and my family. I can't thank you enough. I am in total awe of "Us's" like you!" - K.H.

  • 3/20/01 - "I just had to write to tell you about the strength of your site. Refdesk is simply the single greatest resource available online. I use your directory virtually every day for both personal and professional uses." - B.R.

  • 3/15/01 - "Without a single doubt, RefDesk is the finest site out there, hands down! and there is alot of stuff on the web! The first day I found this site, and the following next two days, I dedicated solely to learning all I could about the five full screens of hyperlinks, linking hundreds of more sites. The teacher tools and sites were immensely helpful to my wife. Thank you all." - M.

  • 3/9/01 - "You have, flat out, the best site on the World-Wide Web. You have brought me more good, useful, fun, informative sites than I could have come up with myself in twice the time. I have always recommended your site to everyone I know. I tell them, it all boils down to something real simple and straightforward, if you want it, they've got it. WebTV charges me an arm and a leg ($25 per month) to get on the web, but I must say; you all make it worthwhile." - J.G.

  • 2/21/01 - "All I can say is you have one super web site. It's a truly comprehensive fountain of information. I refer to it most mornings! It save me time. Incidentally, I learned of your web site through a statement made in a newspaper by Colin Powell, who stated this was the only web site he needed to start his day." - J.G.

  • 2/20/01 - "This is the best site there is. I miss my days in the library just picking up reference books to see what they are about. I now feel like I can do that on the web. You should charge for this site." - W.P.

  • 2/14/01 - "I didn't know anything about refdesk. I found out about it when I read what Collin Powell, the new Secretary of State, had to say about refdesk in a recent NY Times article. You see, I'm a retired State Dept. employee. Secretary Powell highly recommended your website. So, that's what I did. Lo and behold, everything was there, anything I ever wanted to know plus some! It is indeed a terrific place to go. I have already recommended it to several people. I just wanted you to know that I am now a fan of" - E.B.

  • 2/8/01 - "Boy, am I glad I read Circuits in the NY Times! Your site is awsome! I have already recommended it to a dozen friends, and will make it a part of my daily web visits. Thank you for the effort you have expended in creating a great reference guide." - R.E.

  • 2/8/01 - "Having read mention of your website in today's New York Times, I browsed the site for an hour or so. It is probably the best site I have yet encountered on the web. It is not only interesting, but also an invaluable resource. You provide a major service to the public." - E.R.

  • 2/8/01 - "I just wanted to tell you that your site is simply amazing. I read about it today in the New York Times and I'm sure you're being overwhelmed with visitors, but WOW. I haven't been able to get off of the site - I just keep hopping around and saving all of the links as favorites - the entire site is now my number one favorite - THANK YOU." - D.R.

  • 1/31/01 - "I'm a library technician at a US Army Library. And, as any librarian will tell you, "you won't believe the question that was asked today!" RefDesk has made it a lot easier for us to help our customers, especially those looking for medical and legal dictionaries. I give the site to everyone and frequently hear how it has helped conquer what seemed insurmountable challenges. Soldiers don't have time to do extensive searches for information. With RefDesk, they can access literally thousands of information sites from one point. Especially for those working to attain GED's and undergraduate degrees, RefDesk proves a gold mine. Thanks for helping those who strive to help themselves." - A.J.

  • 1/31/01 - "Have you ever found something and smacked your head and rolled your eyes wondering to yourself why you didn't know this thing existed before because it would have made your life SO much easier? That's how I felt when I found your site. Wonderful job! And thank you sincerely!" - J.E.

  • 1/30/01 - "I have been reading your site daily for about a year now. After checking my email at work, looking at the headlines in the New York Times, and examining the local weather forecast, I turn to your site and usually get pleasurably lost in the delightful byways of information available. Your site is endlessly fascinating and I find new and unexpected treasures each time I look. This is what is so great about the internet: free, absolutely free, a virtual goldmine such as your site. To assuage my mild sense of guilt about getting so much for nothing, I do make it a point to click on your advertisers' URLs as often as I can remember to. Keep up the magnificent work! I hope you guys are making a buck out of this - I'd just hate to see you fold." - J.C.

  • 1/26/01 - "I read about your web site in an article about Colin Powell. I checked it out today and have e-mailed at least ten people to give it a try. What an exciting find. I'm not a great computer literate but whether a person is nor not, refdesk is a great place. Thank you. " - J.M.

  • 1/26/01 - "The New York Times article this morning on Colin Powell mentioned his favorite site... guess which one? [Refdesk] Those of us who have had you linked since late 1995 are glad to see the world recognizing what you have created. Keep up the good work." - B.P.

  • 1/19/01 - "Just wanted to tell you that your site is top notch!! I would be lost without it. As a teacher I am always using it in my classes. Thank you so very much for your hard work and time spent on the site." - J.B.

  • 1/18/01 - "Hello! I just had to write and tell you that I find '' to be the single most incredibly useful and informative site that I have ever encountered! I have made it my home page and have recommended to my friends and family. My only complaint is that there is no place to put personal content such as local weather. However, this is a minor complaint as these things are just a click away. Keep up the good work! " - P.B.

  • 1/16/01 - "I have been using your page for years now and just wanted you to know that I thing it is the finest, most helpful and useful page on the Internet. Congratulations on a great job and thanks." - D.B.

  • 1/11/01 - "SPLENDIFEROUS! This site is my favorite of my favorites! What a wealth of must-know info! I love it." - K.D.

  • 1/10/01 - "I just wanted to e-mail you and tell you your site is the BEST I've ever seen. GREAT JOB!" - M.W.

  • 1/8/01 - "Just a quick note to let you know that I appreciate your web site. I haven't found another one that has so much available. Keep up the good work. When I need to find something, your site is the first place I go." - R.K.

  • 1/6/01 - "I want you to know that refdesk is easily the most fascinating site on the web. I have never seen such a useful site, and I plan to make Refdesk my home page. I've been sitting here for at least 2 hours clicking on links. Unbelievable." - R.T.

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