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Comments and Testimonials Archive: 2006 / 2005 / 2004 / 2003 / 2002 / 2001

  • 12/10/02 - "Just wanted to say thanks for such an awesome site! I use it as my home page on all of my computers both at home and work (as well as on the road with the laptop). I find it is so easy to tell folks how great the site is, and not be ashamed to do so! Keep up the great work." - J.W.

  • 11/20/02 - "As a career executive secretary, resources are my ace in the pocket. In addition, I am an information-holic. You and your site bring tears to my eyes. The amount of available and usable information you present is beyond anything I've ever encountered. A public library does not compare, for many reasons. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - P.T.

  • 11/18/02 - "Don't change a hair for me! I love this page and use it both at work and home for my home page. The links can get me anywhere, and the set up without drop downs and flash adds is very rewarding. I have even installed your spam and pop up deflectors. Keep up the good work." - J.P.

  • 11/8/02 - "I am a Stanford science student, and have been involved in some corporate web design, and you have by far the most comprehensive and helpful general reference web site I have ever encountered. Every time I take the time to poke around it I find another feature I had no idea existed, and I always read the Thought of the Day. I just thought I'd let you know how much I appreciate the resource you've built, and express my hopes you keep it going. Thanks on behalf of all your users." - M.K.

  • 11/2/02 - "Just a short note to let you know how much I apprecaite reference desk and all the work that has gone into it. It is my homepage here in my office/study and also at work. I have yet to see anything on the net that compares to your site, to the amount of work that has gone into it and the ease of use. It is a researchers goldmine." - P.D.

  • 10/14/02 - "I just want to say thanks for the time and energy that you have spent on gathering all this information. It has made going on the internet alot easier and less stressful. Until your web page I was not happy with internet surfing and most times gave up before I found what it was I was looking for. You have made me confident that I will find it." - S.C.

  • 10/8/02 - "Thank you for this remarkable reference site. I especially appreciate the elimination of pop-up ads. I use as my home page and I love the quick and easy access it provides to a world of information." - S.A.

  • 10/4/02 - "You are to be commended on an excellent web site. I thank you for the many times I've turned to you for information that no one else was able to locate, and I've given your web address to so many others for use as needed. It is a wealth of knowledge and I will be mailing a check to you to help support your work. It's all there! Thank you for a job well-done. Don't stop!" - J.K.

  • 10/3/02 - "I am a computer trainer and really love your site. I recommend it to people in my classes that I teach. I have been doing this for the past 2 years or so and just wanted to say thanks for putting together a great resources such as this. You should see the faces of the participants in my class when I show them this of awe and amazement." - L.

  • 9/28/02 - "It is amazing that after all the resources put into perfecting directory-type sites on internet that you have been able to top them all with your refdesk site. A can of starter fluid for the mind.since my illness I've come to rely on refdesk in many ways and am very glad its there. Many thanks." - M.O.

  • 9/25/02 - "Refdesk is my favorite site. I am a reference junkie. I have set it up as my home page. My son and I read the thought of the day everyday. Thanks for such a great site. I tell all my friends about the site and I hope you will be able to keep it going for a long, long time." - S.C.

  • 9/19/02 - "Every single time I open my homepage, many times daily, I am in awe of your website. I have written to you before, and am compelled to do so from time to time, because what you do is so awesome! Thank you from someone who REALLY appreciates what you produce. It just "blows my mind" when I look around on your site. My favorites are the astronomy photo and the three featured windows. Many people begin their day with coffee; not me, my day begins with your website. Honest. Thank you again, Bob, for an incredible journey. I will have to write again in the future, because I just can't keep a lid on it for long periods of time. I tell everyone I know, and, in fact, I took the liberty of adding your site to some people's homepage, even without their approval, and they, too, liked it once they took a look at it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and God Bless You." - P.T.

  • 9/11/02 - "I just want to tell you what a great site you have in refdesk. I have it set on my computer as my homepage. It probably has the most information on one page that I ever seen. Everyday I look to see what page you have or information you feature that day and most of the time I have to check it out." - M.P.

  • 9/5/02 - "I'm using your site as homepage for more than a year and it has saved me countless hours searching for sites and search engines. You're doing a marvellous job and I wish there would be more like minded spirits around. Thank you." - D.S.

  • 9/1/02 - " I just discovered your site and cannot believe such a wonderful resource is just sitting there for our use. I have 3 grandchildren who are always asking me for help with their homework and I know I will be a frequent visitor. Besides that, I am always so curious about everything, I know I'll be checking in for myself. And I love the fact that I can also get my local weather and a map there. You have done a good job. I'll donate again as soon as I can. Thanks for a wonderful site." - N.W.

  • 8/27/02 - "Just a note to thank you for This has been my home page for a couple of years now. I started a monthly check for $5.00 for the upkeep of, it is not much but I can afford this indefinately, or as long as is avaliable to the individuals like myself who feel empowered with the knowledge has to offer. It brightens my everyday, like the face of an intelligent, beautiful woman." - H.T.

  • 8/13/02 - "To be quite honest, I was getting tired of the Web. After a while, nothing was fresh, new, or original. So many sites had the same content with different packaging. Letās face it, a Twinkie wrapped up in a Godiva Chocolate wrapper is still a Twinkie. Other sites had no content but seemed to serve no purpose other than some college freshman showing of his HTML skills. I donāt want lots of music and animation. I am one of those people that if a website has not grabbed my attention within 4-6 seconds, then Iām gone. Then I came across Refdesk! It was more than a breath of fresh air. It is what the Internet is supposed to be. A world of USEFUL information at your fingertips·and no !@*&%$# pop-up ads. Thank you Bob for creating a truly useful and wonderful site. I have told everyone I know about it. My Dad, who rarely used the Web, now gets up in the morning and spends 30-40 minutes on Refdesk. Keep up the great work. Iāll be more than happy to support your website." - J.M.

  • 8/6/02 - "There is no other word for it. I have just come across your site and it's a journalist's dream! I'll say it again...AWESOME. Thank you! Now that you've made my work easier, I can tell you the check is almost in the mail, depending on when I get paid!" - L.S.

  • 8/1/02 - "I shudder to think what my life was like before I discovered the incredible, indispensible Reference Desk, created and maintained by Bob Drudge, who knows--or knows how to find out--everything. Do yourself a favor and take a leisurely tour of Refdesk. Make it your home page. You heard it here first: if it's not on Refdesk, it's still just a twinkle in God's eye." - S.A.

  • 7/28/02 - "I would like to compliment you on your website! It is absolutely amazing. I go to every time I log on and find something new everytime. Although I cant afford to make a donation at this time, I will glady keep your site in mind! Thanks for the great site and keep it up!" - L.W.

  • 7/26/02 - "Just sent in my $25. I am happy to pay for a site that it as useful as refdesk and that has your philosophy about ads and inappropriate links. Refdesk has been my home page for months now and I consider it the best all around site on the web. Thanks and keep up the good work." - J.M.

  • 7/21/02 - "It is no surprise to me that Refdesk was named in '50 Most Incredibly Useful Sites' by Yahoo! - Everyone that I have introduced to the site has immediately made it their home page. I use it myself every day and many times during the day. Please keep up the good work. I sent in a contribution and I hope that all have my friends have done so." - C.G.

  • 5/14/02 - "There is NO doubt that both you and your site have helped a LOT of people [-myself included-] to better understand the world around us AND the amazing value of this difficult to navigate and wonderful resource we call the internet..Thanks very much for your efforts.I have often referred the refdesk link with the comfortable confidence that the recipient got much more than they expected.. Thanks again!" - S.S.

  • 4/16/02 - "Thank you for your outstanding website. I can spend time here and not feel it's wasted because i continue to learn. This has to be a labor of love and those responsible are to be commended." - B.A.

  • 4/13/02 - "Your site is awesome. Everyone I know uses it as their homepage. I have recommended it to all the folks I have helped get set up. From folks that are 11 years old to an friend that is 70 years old, the site seems to hold the interest of them all. I was sure the 11 year old would run off and find her own kid's homepage, but last time I checked she is still using your site. (Yes, she knows how to change it if she wants to, but has elected not to)." - J.N.

  • 3/28/02 - "Just a note to say thank you for the extraordinary service you provide. I am sending a donation through snail mail and will continue to do so as I am able. I have made refdesk my home page, and I encourage my students to do the same. There are too few living heroes that educators can point to and say, 'Here is a man of purpose and vision. A person whose principles are put into practice.' Yours has been the starting off point for many journeys my students have taken in order to satisfy their curiosity and build their knowledge base. I always feel secure when I point them in your direction." - S.D.

  • 3/27/02 - " is the writer/editor's dream come true. I can't believe my info-needing lucky stars thank you so much. I can practically delete all my bookmarks and just come right to you." - T.R.

  • 3/25/02 - "Thank you, thank you, thank you! For your website!!! I've told so many people about it - it's better than the library - better than sliced bread!" - E.T.

  • 3/8/02 - "You have the best web site on the net. I am astonished by the research and work you put in to produce this fine product. I'm a lawyer who appreciates digging for facts, research and knowing where to go when I need information I don't have. I respect and thank you for your work." - H.M.

  • 1/31/02 - "I am not sure if I am sending this to the right people but maybe you can pass it on. This is the most fantastic web site available on the Internet. But you probably already know that. There isn't a person that I have met on the Internet that I have not told about your web site. Keep up the good work." - F.C.

  • 1/15/02 - "Albeit at present, I am unable to financially contribute to the economic well-being of your site; I wanted let you know how much I rely on your site. Whenever someone asks for a good reference site, I always recommend yours. I have been visiting your site for many years now and have it as my homepage when first getting online. If there were one site of the thousands of bookmarks I have collected over the years that I must part with, it would not be yours. Thank you for a job well done." - K.R.

  • 1/14/02 - "The only thing more amazing the richness of the Reference Desk site, is that I discovered it by accident. Surely, it should be garnering more praise, fame, glory, whatever. I never see it celebrated in 100 Best-type sites (though I've recommended it a couple of times). And the people I refer to the page don't seem to have heard of it, either. I use it as my start page; for me it IS the Internet! Well, that's my 2 cents, anyway. Thanks for a great site!" - G.J.

  • 1/9/02 - "We are sending you a check via snail mail. My husband, who cannot and will not even turn on a computer, directed me to! I use it as my home page! Could not live without it. My husband will not use the computer, but he reads much about it and then I get to do the searching for both of us. It works out well, because I probably am not very good at sharing the computer! Thanks so much for your service. I recommend it to many many people." - D.N.

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