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Comments and Testimonials Archive: 2006 / 2005 / 2004 / 2003 / 2002 / 2001

  • 12/27/03 - "Thank you so much for this wonderful web site! It will be invaluable to me as well as to my grandchildren. I had no idea there was such an interesting site available to make learning fun and challenging. You're the best! Keep up the good work." - B.N.

  • 12/23/03 - "You're doing a GREAT job-- and you've already got my 'donation/subscription/gift/offering/payment/thanks' -- keep up the good work + merry christmas-- 91% is exceptional - but you know that!!! Thank G----- the universe continues to work in wonderous ways- the good DO get rewarded-- Thanks again --I check in every day and browse- I try to not restrict myself to the same every time, and keep discovering new delights along the way. Thanks!" - R.K.

  • 11/8/03 - "I am compelled to tell you just how extremely helpful and informative as well as convenient this site is. It is wonderful to have so many informative links at your fingertips. is indespensible and is my home page, of course. Thanks so much for giving us this site." - P.B.

  • 11/6/03 - "Thanks for all you do to keep Refdesk active and available. I discovered you some years ago, and recommend you to anybody I meet who has 1) an Internet connection and 2) an interest for the Swiss Army knife of web sites. I've given before and I'm sure I'll contribute again. If people (who want-need-or work-with information) only realized how much they spend for momentarily valuable resources, I'm sure they'd rally to your support." - J.F.

  • 10/8/03 - "Your site is absolutely fantastic! You have truly wrought a thing of great beauty with your site. I just wanted to tell you how awestruck I am by's like looking at a blue whale up close, it's too much to take in all at once! I have my students set it up as their homepages and they too are dumbstruck by the sheer volume of usefulness and knowledge...keep up the great work!" - F.G.

  • 9/5/03 - "I couldn't believe how much stuff could be accessed from this one central hub -- and I really, really like the layout too! I've just made it my new home page! (The toughest part is going to be tearing myself away from all the neat stuff to get some work done!) Thank you so much for your awesome efforts in putting together and for making it freely available to anyone and everyone. It is very much appreciated!" - K.D.

  • 8/26/03 - "Just wanted to thank you for your website. I have recently retired from teaching. I am always interested in following a link from your site. I wish I had discovered it before I left the classroom. It should be the homepage of every high school computer in every high school.. " - B.

  • 8/15/03 - "I just contributed 25 dollars to keep your site up. Your efforts and your moral point of view, as discerned from your comments, are worth supporting. There is so much sleaze and muck on the internet that it is refreshing to be able to go to a professionally run, and very useful site. Keep up the good work. We need more folks like you. " - J.S.

  • 8/1/03 - "A friend told me about your site, so I decided to visit it a fiew minutes ago. I must say that I am totally overwhelmed. This is a more than amazing site. I can't remember having seen another website with such a huge number of well catalogued sources of data and information. Thank your for all of this! " - S.F.

  • 6/25/03 - "Thank you for Refdesk. It is the greatest!!! I use it every day. Thanks for all the info, links, site of the day, and everything else. I am happy to support it and wish everyone knew about it. My college textbook had a picture of the Refdesk web page as an example of hyperlinks, etc. Learning what Refdesk was the best thing I learned from that class." - M.G.

  • 6/25/03 - "Just to say your doing a great job! I have used your site since 1997, and have watched it grow for a long time. it is the first site I go to (and also your son's Drudge Report - smile) when I check what's going on in the mornings. You have done a real service to the web population in having a simple, safe and well cared for site to access information. You are also one on the unsung folks that really DO keep our liberties alive by supplying people with the timely facts they need without all the 'clutter and hype' being seen more and more these days. Keep up the good work!" - T.M.

  • 5/24/03 - "I am a long-time fan of RefDesk and have written to you in the fact, ever since I wrote to you in the '90's and asked if you were related to Matt Drudge! I don't know if you are aware of the fact that is now part of the Home Page of MSNTV (formerly WebTV). The new Home Page has a heading for reference sources, and yours is the Number One recommendation! You never stop improving and adding to your website....and there is just no other place like it in all the world of Internet. Congratulations, again." - B.M.

  • 4/14/03 - "I am a high school science teacher with 28 computers to use with my classes. I have set 'refdesk' as the home page for all my students since discovering it two years ago. They, and I, really appreciate tthe ability to get so much information with so little effort. One of my first exercises with them at the beginning of the school year is to have them explore the wealth of information they can access from refdesk. After this exercise, many tell me that they go home and set up the family computer with refdesk as their home page there also. Thanks so much for all your help in keeping the students focused and away from excess advertising." - L.M.

  • 4/5/03 - "I am constantly amazed at what you are doing at Refdesk. I first found your site just poking around two years ago. I have given your address to friends, students, librarians, network administrators and co-workers. (For the last 5 years I have worked at public schools -- first elementary and now high school.) I am especially attuned to keeping track of good places to find things on the net. Refdesk is superb; there is nothing I've found that even comes close. Thanks for your tremendous efforts and incredible offerings. I shall continue to pass your address along!" - T.S.

  • 3/20/03 - "Absolutely, positively the BEST... if you can't find a link to what you are looking for here, you are sure to at least be pointed in the right direction. The continually updated news headlines are an added bonus to an excellent website." - P.S.

  • 3/15/03 - " is tops. I've seen no other site quite like it. From the sublime to the ridiculous, Refdesk points to both timely topics and standards. It has evolved into a premier website. Work smarter: use" - D.F.

  • 3/12/03 - " has been my homepage for over 2 years now. I couldn't live without it. It has links to reference sites I never knew I needed. If you can't find whatever you need on refdesk, then it doesn't exist. Absolutely awesome." - Z.G.

  • 3/10/03 - "Fantastic web site. I recommend this web site to anyone who is in the need for fast, accurate information and/or reference material." - D.A.

  • 1/31/03 - "If you go public, I want to be the first to invest! Your website is a very special entity! I've only sent money once, but need to send more. You have taken a reality of modern life and made it truly useful. You've taken the best of the best and cut out most of the baloney. As a salesperson in media, I use the 'Thought Of The Day' to stay 'in front of' my clients and other contacts. They remember 'my' quotes although I always include the source and your archives. The philosophical nature of these quotes really puts me in a good light. They think I'm smarter than I am! I get breaking news from your site too. Sometimes I just peruse through your useful links just for entertainment. Please let me know if you ever start selling stock because I will be there in line. Thanks for all your creative, sensible work. You are a benefit to mankind." - L.A.

  • 1/21/03 - "Just to let you know that I use Refdesk daily and it has been the homepage on my browser for at least two years. I can get anywhere from here (as opposed to "you can't get there from here"). Whenever I set up a computer for a friend, I always set their browser home page to Refdesk without asking. I just tell them this is the page they really want to have. No one has ever questioned it once they see it! My best friend wailed, "But I use Google as my homepage!" My reply was that Google was right at the top of Refdesk, along with about a gazillion other things she might want to use. She quickly scanned the page and said, "There's the Drudge Report! My favorite!" Thus another Refdesk convert was born. Best of all, NO POP UPS! Thank you. Thank you. A Refdesk Devotee." - B.T.

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