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Comments and Testimonials Archive: 2006 / 2005 / 2004 / 2003 / 2002 / 2001

  • 12/19/04 - "Very useful collection of information. As a research scientist, this site is the best I have experienced. Will send a check in mail." - N.D.

  • 12/12/04 - "Congratulations on your fund raising. I selfishly am glad because I get to have my favorite home page for another year. I am happy because the general community came through. I am happy for you, as you get to keep doing what you seem to enjoy. Super job! I will keep on telling my friends and associates about refdesk. Keep up the good work!" - B.B.

  • 12/3/04 - "I must tell you how happy I am that a person turned me on to your (my home page) website. That was been over six years ago!!! I have turned A LOT of people on to your family friendly page. All of them have commented on what a super site!! Although I can not afford to send $$$, I will click on your ads. I hope this helps. Keep up the GREAT work." - R.R.

  • 11/26/04 - "I have had refdesk as my start up page when I first open up my browser for quite some time and I just think your site is a mega source of mega information. I think you are brilliant for putting it all together the way you have and I applaud you for a fantastic job! Thanks!" - F.B.

  • 11/25/04 - "Happy Thanksgiving! Please keep up your important work for another year. We are living in such an age of information distortion that I treasure trusted sites such as yours more and more." - A.R.

  • 10/30/04 - "Is the absolute best. As a teacher, I cannot live without it. I have recommended your site to countless students, teachers and friends. You are a real treasure. I contributed through Amazon." - S.W.

  • 10/22/04 - "I have been using it for at least 3 years and your claim of family friendly is true and it is truely one stop shopping for every question I have. I am on the site at least 10 times a day. That is why I paid you. You do a good job and you are honest. Keep up the good work." - J.S.

  • 10/7/04 - "Another thank you from a reference librarian. I'm nobody important. In fact I really am a trained grade school teacher, who came out of the classroom after twenty years. BS 1974/ MS 1980 Indiana University. One of our patrons' at the Gary Public Library told me to try during 2002. I tried it. I went out and bought my own pc, even though I use the libraries all day for free. I realized this is the reason to own a pc. My knowledge has grown exponentially. The people of Gary, Indiana thank you. We are all smarter because of you." - F.S.

  • 9/25/04 - "I have finally sent in a donation so that you can continue supporting this wonderful site. I first learned about the site when my children were in grade school, and internet research took forever to find factual information. They are still using it, and they are now in college and doing well. I am currently using Refdesk in all my adult continuing education classes; as a quick link to medical information in Medical Transcription, for a quick reference page in Office Procedures, and as a sample page in Introduction to the Internet. Every one of my students has appreciated the link, and are all using it at home too." - M.P.

  • 9/11/04 - "I absolutely love your site, and, with your permission, I would like to provide a link from our high school English Department website to Will you please give us permission to do this? I sure wish I had had access to such marvelous information when I was in high school!" - E.P.

  • 9/11/04 - "This thank you email should have been written long ago. I am a librarian, ACOAL, Adult Child Of A Librarian, and avid turner over of rocks to see what's underneath. I use your site throughout the day and night, and have even used it to land a job, when I had to do a teaching demo as part of the interview, I 'taught' refdesk to a group of twenty librarians." - A.M.

  • 8/31/04 - "Thank you SO much for refdesk. This is a most wonderful asset, and a fabulous website. I'm just writing to let you know that I am reading it and using it's resources. I don't have any money to pay you yet, but know that when I become more independent I will help donate some money to your website. I appreciate the fact that you did all this work on the site. My way of supporting the site is by recommending it to everyone I know. I recommend it in emails to friends and whenever they are looking or searching for something, I've told them that refdesk is the best website ever! . When I get a job or publish a book, I'll contribute towards refdesk." - L.P.

  • 8/22/04 - "Bob, your site is FANTASTIC! I am reading the one for today, which covers History from A to Z. You have no idea how much I appreciate your efforts to make this site what it is." - J.B..

  • 7/28/04 - "I located this site within a few months of buying a computer in 1998. I have had it bookmarked ever since and not a day passes that I don't use it as a gateway to answer some question. Given the old addage that the 'longest journey starts with the first step' I thank you for making the refdesk site such a good first step." - T.S.

  • 7/6/04 - "I am nearing graduation soon, and vow to support this increasing rare service on the web. Thank you for all the work refdesk does to provide pertinent, intelligent and honest sites for research, fun, and learning. I cannot stress enough how refreshing and valuable your site is. The instant I land a job after graduation, my support payment will be on its way!" - S.K.

  • 5/10/04 - "How did we ever get by before Ever since my son-in-law told me to try "Refdesk" it has been my front page; couldn't get along without it. Thanks for your foresight and dedication. I have sent my donation for this year and will continue to do so as long as I use the web. Thanks again. I have told dozens of people about "Refdesk", and all send back glowing reports. Keep up the good work. I hope your son is as successful as you in his literary endevor." - B.I.

  • 5/7/04 - "Thanks for your creation. I wish I would have had this back when I was in college. This is the best all-purpose, categorized, and easy-to-use source of any and all information on the internet. My brother-in-law showed me your site a few months ago, and now I find myself going there first thing every morning. I am also happy to have just contributed $ to your effort and will continue to do so. Thanks again." - T.W.

  • 4/5/04 - "I found REFDESK to be the most COMPREHENSIVE site on the internet. I introduce everyone I visit to view and explore REFDESK. I have it as my homepage and I always urge others to do the same. Its the best there is." - I.

  • 3/30/04 - "I love your site and look at it everyday. I refer people to it often. Thanks for providing the most valuable website I know of. Good luck getting support. I supported you last year and this year. It's totally worth it." - L.B.

  • 3/7/04 - "I just wanted to pass along a very big THANK YOU for this site! We spend hours here playing with some of the sites, plus a big help when helping the kids with homework. Your site has become a lifesaver. Thank you very much!" - S.N.

  • 2/4/04 - " is the most amazing and informative site I have ever found. Thanks for putting all this information together and sharing it with the world." - B. D.

  • 1/25/04 - "Your site is outstanding! Thanks for a great "clean" site. It is and has been my home page for 2 years now. I am a continued financial supporter and feel it is money well spent. Please keep up the excellent work." - B. H.

  • 1/24/04 - "I am enjoying so much! It may seem strange to say this, but I think you have changed my life! How so? one might ask. For one thing, I don't waste any time sifting through 'hits' that are really junk. Your website helps me find things in a jiffy. In the last 24 hours I have looked at hotel room rates, researched geneology, read the news, read about the solar system, learned about Barnes & Noble University, printed out a map, and looked at a cool website with interesting toys and gags. Additionally, I am encouraged to learn new things each day and be entertained by intellectual pursuits. Bob, you are making me smarter! Thank you, and have a great day!" - B. P.

  • 1/17/04 - "It's been a few years since I have first thanked you for the work you do with Refdesk. When I gave my kids a computer they were in grammar school and I forced them to always have refdesk as their homepage. Well, they are now in high school and one is almost off to college, and guess what...Refdesk is still their home pages but now totally on their own. In fact, my son has built several computer systems for people and always makes Refdesk as their home page when he installs their computer. He has gotten more thanks for the Refdesk tip than for the computer itself!" - M.F.

  • 1/5/04 - "When I think of the Internet and smile...I think of RefDesk. Why would anyone want any other 'homepage'? Why is it so few people realize that this IS the reason for the Internet? Thank you X 1,000,000!" - C.C.

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