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"Our life is what our thoughts make it."
- Marcus Aurelius

JUN 2011

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6/1/11     Stress can increase the ability of chemicals to pass the blood-brain barrier, which shields neurons from some poisons, viruses, toxins, and other fluctuations in normal blood chemistry. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/2/11     Insects such as termites and ants provide 10% of the protein consumed worldwide. Where insects are an integral part of a diet, they contribute as much as 40% of protein. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/3/11     A 2008 study found that marital satisfaction improves once children leave home. However, if marital problems existed before, an empty nest often reveals those otherwise masked issues. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/4/11     The oldest documented person on record is Jeanne Calment, a Frenchwoman who lived for 122 years and 164 days. The oldest person still alive today is 114 year old Maria Gomes Valentim of Brazil. - Provided by MSNBC News
6/5/11     The National University of Mexico was founded in 1551 by Charles V of Spain and is the oldest university in North America. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/6/11     Modern research has shown that a sharp decrease in daily calories results in fewer nocturnal ejaculations in men and an overall decrease in the sexual themes of dreams. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/7/11     People whose marriage has broken down at the time they are diagnosed with cancer do not live as long as cancer patients who are widowed, have strong marriages, or who have never been married. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/8/11     A crop of newly planted grape vines takes four to five years to grow before it can be harvested. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/9/11     According to one national survey on drug use, each day approximately 6,000 Americans try marijuana for the first time. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/10/11     Under controlled laboratory conditions both cats and dogs sleep about 13 hours per day but they wake up more frequently than people do. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/11/11     Married elderly people are more likely to maintain daily health-promoting habits, such as exercising, not smoking, eating breakfast, and having regular medical check-ups. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/12/11     Whales do not drink seawater; instead, they extract water from their food by metabolizing the fat. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/13/11     A poor Filipino blacksmith's son who stands less than 2 feet (60 centimeters) tall was declared the world's shortest man by Guinness World Records on his 18th birthday June 12, 2011, sparking a celebration in his hometown of Sindangan in the southern Philippines. - Provided by Associated Press
6/14/11     Approximately 5.6 million women in the U.S. reported themselves as stay-at-home moms in a 2007 census report. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/15/11     There are 96 species of Old World monkeys. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/16/11     In 2010, approximately 71 percent of twelfth-graders reported reading from a textbook at least weekly, while 17 percent reported using with the same frequency letters, diaries, or essays written by historical people. - Provided by The Nation's Report Card
6/17/11     The maple leaf is a symbol of love in China and Japan - and in North America, it was often engraved on beds of early settlers to promote peaceful sleep and pleasure. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/18/11     In Libya, both male and female mummies have been discovered with tattoos symbolizing sun worship. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/19/11     It is estimated there are 70.1 million fathers across the nation. - Provided by U.S. Census Bureau
6/20/11     The Romans were the first civilization to use concrete and the arch with any notable skill. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/21/11     Tan-through swimsuits are constructed of thousands of tiny pores that let enough sunlight in to create a tan-free line without appearing naked. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/22/11     Kentucky has the highest rate of smokers (28.7%) in the U.S., while Utah (11.5%) has the lowest. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/23/11     The earliest known picture of a volcano is the nearly 8,000-year-old wall painting of an eruption of Hasan Dag volcano in Turkey. The houses of a town can be seen at the mountain's base. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/24/11     Voter participation in presidential elections has fallen in the last four decades from an average of nearly 62% of registered voters participating in 1960s elections to an average of just over 54% for the 2000s elections. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/25/11     If not for the painstaking work of medieval monks who copied and illustrated the works of Roman writers and philosophers, many keystones of western culture would have been lost forever. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/26/11     Every cigarette smoked cuts at least five minutes of life on average, which is roughly the time it takes to smoke one cigarette. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/27/11     As late as 1940, fewer than 1 in 20 adults held a B.A. degree. From 1945-2000, the number of B.A degrees awarded annually rose almost eightfold, from 157,349 to approximately 1.2 million. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/28/11     On his epitaph, which he composed, Thomas Jefferson mentions that he was the author of the Declaration of Independence and the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom and that he was the father of the University of Virginia. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/29/11     More than two in five Catholics marry outside their church, twice as many as in the 1960s. There are at least one million Jewish-Christian marriages in the U.S. Two in five Muslims in America have chosen non-Muslim spouses. - Provided by RandomHistory.com
6/30/11     Love is not necessarily a guarantee that a marriage will last. Other factors include a couple's age (a husband who is 9 or more years older than his wife or who marries before the age of 24 is more likely to divorce), those who are in their 2nd or 3rd marriage, those who had a child before marriage, and finances. Not pertinent to success of marriage are the number of children or their ages, the wife's employment status, and the number of years a wife has been employed. - Provided by RandomHistory.com

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