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  1. A Short History of the World - by H.G. Wells, 1922 - "Wells's two-volume Outline of History published in 1920 was the first general history constructed on an evolutionary, sociological, and anthropological basis. It was immensely popular and set the basis for this Short History, which Wells created 'to meet the needs of the busy general reader, too driven to study the maps and time charts of that Outline in detail, who wishes to refresh and repair his faded or fragmentary conceptions of the great adventure of mankind.' "
  2. Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America - "The Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America was founded in 1949 to promote interest in rare books and foster collegial relations. We maintain the highest standards in the trade."
  3. AbeBooks.com - "AbeBooks is your source for Used, New, Rare and Out of print books. Find classic collectibles, rare signed editions, used textbooks, and inexpensive bestsellers from independent booksellers worldwide."
  4. ALEX - A Catalogue of over 1800 Electronic Texts on the Internet.
  5. Absolute Shakespeare - Online resource for William Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, poems, quotes, biography and the legendary Globe Theatre. Also includes study guides, quiz and a timeline.
  6. Alibris - source for used, rare, and hard-to-find books
  7. AllReaders.com - Search by any combination of over 2,000 literary criteria to find precisely the kind of book you're looking for.
  8. American Hypertexts - online texts of American literature: Crevecoeur, de Tocqueville, Henry Adams, Mark Twain and more.
  9. American Writers - On this companion web site for a C-SPAN special series, this site offers an in-depth look at 45 American writers who helped shape a nation, featuring biographical and historical background information for each featured author.
  10. AntiStudy.com - A search engine that searches for free cliff notes online from all the major book notes sites such as Sparknotes and Pinkmonkey. The site makes it easy to find study guides on over 500 novels, plays, and poems.
  11. Arts & Letters Daily - This site delivers updated report of news and reviews in the field of Arts and Letters - the latest trends, breakthroughs, disputes, and gossip. Featured sections include announcements of new books and articles of note and essays and opinions from many online publications.
  12. The Association of Literary Scholars and Critics
  13. W. H. Auden Society - "The W. H. Auden Society commemorates the life and work of one of the greatest poets in the English language."
  14. Banned Books On-line
  15. Banned Books - Yahoo!
  16. Bartleby.com: Great Books Online - Excellent literature, reference, and verse resources.
  17. Bartlett, John - Familiar Quotations, 10th ed.
  18. Beasts of Tarzan, The - by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  19. Best Book Buys - site compares prices at 28 independent and chain online bookstores. Your search will show whether a book is in stock or back-ordered, how soon it will be shipped, and the approximate shipping cost.
  20. Biblio.com - "Biblio brings together thousands of independent booksellers worldwide to offer you over 50 million used, rare, out-of-print, signed and first edition books and textbooks. Searching is done by author, title, keyword, or isbn number. Search Biblio for great used books and text books at great prices!"
  21. Bibliofind - the largest booksearch site with over 20 million old books, used books, rare books, out of print books, antiquarian books, offered by over 1000 booksellers around the world.
  22. Bibliophile.net - "The web site for everyone interested in reading, buying and selling books."
  23. Books AtoZ
  24. Book Lovers: Fine Books and Literature
  25. Bookreporter.com - explore the latest book reviews while interacting with other involved literary experts and popular authors from around the world.
  26. Book Terms & Glossary
  27. Books In Depth - site consolidates in one place not only links to book reviews in newspapers, but also to excerpting sources, interviews features, and sources for rare and hard-to-find books.
  28. BookWire Reading Room - "Tremendous Resources!"
  29. Bookwolf - Site offers free book notes, homework help and message boards for high school and college students.
  30. British Library
  31. Bronte, Emily - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library
  32. Burroughs, Edgar Rice - Literary Works,Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library
  33. Cambridge History of English and American Literature - All eighteen volumes of this distinguished scholarly encyclopedia are now on the Web, thanks to Bartleby.com.
  34. Campbell, Joseph Foundation Web Site
  35. Carroll, Lewis - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library
  36. A Celebration of Women Writers - Find links to Dorothy Parker, Toni Morrison, Virginia Woolf and a whole slew of other great authors and their works.
  37. Cervantes International Bibliography - An annual bibliography about the life and works of Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616).
  38. Chapman, George, trans. The Odysseys of Homer
  39. Chapter One - peruse the first chapters of select new fiction and non-fiction compliments of The Washington Post
  40. Children's Literature Web Guide, The
  41. ChooseBooks - new, used, out-of-print and rare books marketplace.
  42. ClassicBookshelf.com - "We offer free electronic classic books in a new Java format which makes them far easier to read on a computer screen than any other electronic book existing today."
  43. Classic Reader - At this site you can read, search, and annotate great works of literature by authors such as Dickens, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, and many others. The collection currently contains 651 books and 906 short stories by 196 authors. New works are added to the collection on a regular basis, many at the suggestion of readers.
  44. ClassicsNotes - site provides free literature summaries and analysis.
  45. Classic Reader - At this site you can read, search, and annotate great works of literature by authors such as Dickens, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, and many others. The collection currently contains 743 books and 1041 short stories by 211 authors.
  46. Classics Unveiled - "The ultimate source in Classical studies with information on Greek Mythology, Roman History, Roman Life and Latin Vocabulary and Derivatives."
  47. Cliffs Notes
  48. Coker, Robert Anthony - "The Onancoche Curse" - "Christian Kincaid is an eager young archeologist with a bright future. While exploring a cave in the mountains of rural Maryland he stumbles upon a tribe hidden from society for decades. He soon learns that they have the power to shape shift and a hidden agenda. What starts out as the greatest discovery of his career soon turns into an adventure that tests his loyalty to the tribe, his love of his family and his duty to his country. Follow Chris as he races against time to find a cure to save both the tribe and the town from destruction. The Onancoche Curse, by Robert Anthony Coker, is an action packed thriller filled with drama, humor, romance, horror and scientific discovery."
  49. Contemporary Poetry Review
  50. Cyber Seuss

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  1. Daily Haiku, The - "All the news that's fit to print - in 17 syllables."
  2. Darwin, Charles - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library
  3. Descartes - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library
  4. Diary of Samuel Pepys - This site is a presentation of the diaries of Samuel Pepys, the renowned 17th century diarist who lived in London, England. A new entry written by Pepys will be published each day; 1 January 1660 was published on 1 January 2003.
  5. Dickens, Charles - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library
  6. Dickinson, Emily - Poems
  7. Doyle, Arthur Conan - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library
  8. Dr. Jekyll ad Mr. Hyde
  9. Dracula - by Bram Stoker
  10. eNotes - "Need help with an assignment? eNotes offers a large resource of study guides, lesson plans, literary criticism, and a vibrant community of knowledgeable teachers and students in our discussion forum."
  11. Electronic Beowulf
  12. English Electronic Texts Resources
  13. Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury - William Faulkner's fourth novel, first published on October 7, 1929, is a difficult work that has posed many problems for both readers and teachers. This hypertext of the novel and related materials is designed as a unique means of exploring the text of the novel, and of augmenting its study, for all levels of readers.
  14. William Faulkner on the Web
  15. F. Scott Fitzgerald Centennial
  16. Flatland - The complete Edwin Abbott science fiction fantasy, "Flatland."
  17. Fooling with Words - Based on the 1998 PBS poetry special, this site features the works of 21 poets reading and talking about their work. You'll also find links to dozens of other poetry sites.
  18. FreeBookCentre.net - "Freebookcentre.net contains thousands of free online technical books. Which Include core Computer science, networking, programming languages, Systems Programming books, Linux books,Unix Books, Database books, Medical books, Electronics, Mathematics books, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Law Books."
  19. FreeBooknotes.com - Looking for free study guides, book notes, or book summaries online? You've come to the right place. Site lists over 200 books, and has indexed book notes from all the major study guide sites.

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  1. Gods of Mars, The
  2. Goodreads - "Discover and share books you love on Goodreads, the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations!"
  3. Great Authors of 19th Century Literature - "Biographies, works and life of great authors and poets from the 19th century including Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Victor Hugo, and many others."
  4. Great Expectations - by Charles Dickens
  5. Grey, Zane - 1872-1939 (Zane Grey's West Society) - This romantic western author is responsible for 57 novels, 10 nonfiction titles, 130 movies, and for creating the "myth of the West." Essays on his importance to cowboy literature, bibliography, filmography, and a biography are included. Also includes his fishing records, the geography of his writing, book and film collectors FAQ, information on the annual convention, links to bookstores that have extensive holdings of his titles, and links to related museums.
  6. HarperAudio - "HarperAudio proudly traces its roots back to 1952, when Dylan Thomas first recorded for our Caedmon label. For more than five decades, HarperAudio/Caedmon has been synonymous not only with distinguished poets reading their works, but also with equally distinguished authors and readers performing classic and contemporary texts."
  7. The Harvard Classics The Shelf of Fiction - The most comprehensive and well-researched anthology of all time comprises both the 50-volume, 5-foot shelf of books, and the the 20-volume Shelf of Fiction. Together they cover every major literary figure, philosopher, religion, folklore and historical subject through the twentieth century.
  8. Hungry Mind Review
  9. Hyperizons - The Search for Hypertext Fiction
  10. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
  11. International Standard Book Number (ISBN) - During the nineteenth century there developed in the U.K. and the U.S. pioneering efforts to systemize and cumulate the catalogs of publishers' output, to the benefit of booksellers, wholesalers and librarians." The Standard Book Number is the result of these efforts. Use this site to study this numbering scheme and discover its history.
  12. Internet Classics Archive, The. - searchable collection of almost 400 classical Greek and Roman texts (in English translation) with user-provided commentary

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  1. Keats, John - Poetical Works
  2. Kidsreads.com - "site for children 6-12. Listed as a Yahooligan destination for children, the site's mascot, Booker T. Worm, guides readers through titles that include series books, new titles and author features. Reading lists and reviews are grouped by reader ability."
  3. Literature Post - Welcome to the Literature Post where you can read hundreds of classic books, plays, poems and stories. Our collection currently contains 145 works from 71 authors. New works are being added on a regular basis.
  4. Little Women
  5. MX Bookfinder - this is the search engine to start with for used, fine, and out-of-print books. It searches Advanced Book Exchange, Amazon, Antiqbook, Bibliocity, Interloc, and Powell's Books at once.
  6. Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe: An Electronic Edition - Features editions of all of Marlowe's plays, his two known poetic works, his translations of Ovid and Lucan, his short miscellaneous works and others.
  7. Melville, Herman - Bartleby, the Scrivener. A Story of Wall-street.
  8. Henry Miller Library - located in Big Sur. Online journal, events calendar and forum.
  9. Milton, John - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literature Library.

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  1. National Book Foundation - sponsor of the National Book Awards.
  2. New York Review of Books, The
  3. New York Times Books
  4. NovelGuide - site provides an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature through Chapter Summaries, Character Profiles, Metaphor Analysis, Theme Analyses, and Author Biographies.
  5. Onancoche Curse, The - "Christian Kincaid is an eager young archeologist with a bright future. While exploring a cave in the mountains of rural Maryland he stumbles upon a tribe hidden from society for decades. He soon learns that they have the power to shape shift and a hidden agenda. What starts out as the greatest discovery of his career soon turns into an adventure that tests his loyalty to the tribe, his love of his family and his duty to his country. Follow Chris as he races against time to find a cure to save both the tribe and the town from destruction. The Onancoche Curse, by Robert Anthony Coker, is an action packed thriller filled with drama, humor, romance, horror and scientific discovery."
  6. Online Books Page
  7. Online Literature Library
  8. Online Medieval & Classical Library - searchable full-text collection of over thirty literary works from classical and medieval Europe. In addition to the search function, the site can be browsed by author, title, genre, or language.
  9. Oxford Book of English Verse: 1250 - 1900
  10. PEN America - a consortia of poets, playwrights, essayists, editors and novelists (thus PEN), contains a variety of works, opinions and essays from such noted writers.
  11. Page, The - Poetry, essays, language, ideas.
  12. Perseus Project Home Page
  13. PAL: Perspectives in American Literature - A Research and Reference Guide, this searchable site provides outlines and bibliographies of hundreds of authors, themes, and literary movements in the U.S. from colonial days to the present. There are many appendices, including the elements of poetry, drama, and fiction.
  14. PickTextBook.com - "PickTextBook.com allows you to make an optimal choice when you are buying your textbooks online. We offer comparison of the latest and previous editions of textbooks, price comparison of various printed and digital formats, and of course, you can select between new and used books."
  15. PinkMonkey.com - Literature Notes, Literature Classics, Study Guides and Online Textbooks.
  16. Plays for the Day - site of playwright Paul Thain
  17. Playwrights on the web
  18. Poe, Edgar Allan - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library
  19. Poetry 180 - Welcome to Poetry 180. Poetry can and should be an important part of our daily lives. Poems can inspire and make us think about what it means to be a member of the human race. By just spending a few minutes reading a poem each day, new worlds can be revealed.
  20. Poets.org - "A resource from the Academy of American Poets with thousands of poems, essays, biographies, weekly features, and poems for love and every occasion."
  21. Poetry Market
  22. Poetry Publishers Online
  23. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - by James Joyce
  24. Powell's Books - "The Largest New and Used Bookstore in the World."
  25. Project Gutenberg
  26. Publishers Lunch - a daily book publishing news and information site.
  27. Pulitzer Prize Winners - Site offers a list of the Pulitzer winners and their citations, the finalists, links to the works, short biographies, and lists of jurors. Winners from previous years also available.

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  1. ReadPrint - This site offers free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast.
  2. Red Badge of Courage, The
  3. Return of Tarzan, The - by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  4. Salon.com: Books - Book reviews and much more literature related features from Salon.com.
  5. SearcheBooks.com - a search engine that indexes the full text of thousands of online books. Site offers a simple keyword search interface and caches the versions of pages that its robots find, and returns two URLs for each hit, one for the provider's page, and one for the full text of the book.
  6. Shakespeare on the Web
  7. William Shakespeare - The Complete Works
  8. Shelley, Mary - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library
  9. Shelley, Percy Bysshe - Complete Poetical Works
  10. Short Stories - free classic short stories sorted by genre: fiction, nonfiction, children, humor, romance, science, etc. fiction,
  11. SimonSays.com - Offers live author events, reader reviews, subject and title-driven forums, and access to and information about 11,000 titles
  12. So You Wanna Publish Your Poetry?
  13. Spark Notes - Created by Harvard University students and alumni, SparkNotes is a collection of free online study guides to approximately 100 literature classics. Each SparkNote contains sections on context, characters, overall summary, chapter-by-chapter summary and commentary, study questions, and a message board for collaborative learning.
  14. The Steinbeck Center
  15. Stoker, Bram - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library
  16. St. John's Univ. Hill Monastic Manuscript Library
  17. Strunk, William, Jr - The Elements of Style

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  1. Tech Classics Archive, The
  2. Teenreads.com - "a site where teens sound off about the books and issues they care about."
  3. Tender Buttons - by Gertrude Stein.
  4. Thoreau Reader, The - site includes three complete books and four essays by Henry David Thoreau, with a brief introduction, annotated copies of Walden and Civil Disobedience, the Walden Express for students, and links to other Thoreau and Walden sites.
  5. Today in Literature - Today in Literature features a new original biographical story each calendar day about the great writers, books, and events in literary history.
  6. Treasure Island - by Robert Lewis Stevenson
  7. Twain, Mark - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library
  8. Ulysses - by James Joyce
  9. Used Books Search.net - "Our simple worldwide used book search will give a price comparison from online book stores. Find the best price on used books in the UK, USA, Australia..."
  10. Verne, Jules - Literary Works, Courtesy of The Online Literatue Library.
  11. viaLibri - "Search engine for finding old and rare books available from booksellers and libraries around the world. Provides the world's largest international markeplace for early and rare books, helping book collectors locate early and valuable books."

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  1. Whitman, Walt - Home Page
  2. Whitman, Walt - Leaves of Grass
  3. Wilde, Oscar - Poems
  4. Win at Sudoku - "How to Sudoku - Win At Sudoku presents an easy-to-understand, logical and complete methodology that will bring relief to all frustrated Sudoku players."
  5. Wordsworth, William - Complete Poetical Works
  6. The World eBook Library - This site has thousands of downloadable ebooks, including classic works of literature, serials, bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference works in a number of languages and countries around the world. You can browse and search by author and title.
  7. Writer's Guild of America, The
  8. Writers Write

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